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BRIDGE OF LOVE (Line Dance) by Mary Frances Chua (01.08.2010) August 1, 2010

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Choreographed By: MARY FRANCES CHUA ( 1 AUGUST 2010 )

Music: 一條橋 ( Instrumental CD: Unforgettable Cha Cha Cha )

Descriptions: 56 count – 2 wall – Easy Intermediate Level Line Dance

Sequence: 56-56-40 (Restart)-40 (Restart)-56-56-24-Finale

BRIDGE OF LOVE is danced to a popular Mandarin duet love song (一條橋) based on romance blossoming at the bridge. An instrumental version is used for this dance. Enjoy the music and happy dancing with BRIDGE OF LOVE!

INTRO : 16 + 16 heavy beats (20 seconds)

S1 Right Side Rock Recover, Behind Side Cross ; Left Side Rock, Behind Side Cross
1-2 Rock R side, recover on L
3&4 Step R back, L together, R over L
5-6 Rock L side, recover on R
7&8 Step L back, R together, L over R

S2 Right Scissor Cross Shuffle, Left Scissor Cross Shuffle
1-2 Step R to side, L together
3&4 Cross shuffle, R-L-R
5-6 Step L to side. R together
7&8 Cross shuffle, L-R-L

S3 Forward Toe Strut (2X), Forward Rock, ¼ R Turn Chasse
1-4 Forward step on R ball, drop R heel; Forward step on L ball, drop L heel
5-6 Forward R rock, recover on L
7&8 ¼ R turn [3], side chasse R-L-R

Short Wall for last round.
Dance 24 counts ( with ½ R turn chasse ) and do finale of 2 counts.

S4 Cross Point Cross Touch, Hip Bump (4X)
1-2 Cross L over R, R point to right side ( slight moving forward )
3-4 Cross R over L, L touch beside right ( slight moving forward )
5-8 Hip bump , L-R-L-R

S5 Double Left Turn Jazz Box
1-4 Cross L over R, step R back, ¼ L turn step L to left side[12], R together
5-8 Cross L over R, step R back, ¼ L turn step L to left side [9], R touch

At third sequence, dance 40 counts ( till S5 ), do 1st Restart (9.00);
dance 40 counts , 2nd Restart (6.00)

S6 (Shift Weight Hold)2X, Twice Front Diagonal Step , Twice Back Step
1-2 R step down on ball ( weight on R ), hold ( right hand on hip )
3-4 L step down on ball ( weight on L ), hold ( left hand on hip )
5-6 R step out diagonally, L step out diagonally
7-8 R back step to centre, L back together

S7 Side Shuffle, ¼ L Turn Shuffle, Diagonal shuffle, Side Shuffle
1&2 R side shuffle, R-L-R ( swing both hands to R side & snap fingers )
3&4 ¼ L turn [6] shuffle, L-R-L ( swing both hands to L & snap fingers )
5&6 Diagonal shuffle, R-L-R ( swing both hands to R & snap fingers )
7&8 L side shuffle, L-R-L ( swing both hands to L & snap fingers )

After 1st & 2nd Restarts, dance 2 full rounds.
Facing 6.00, dance 24 counts till toe struts-fwd rock and ½ right turn chasse to face 12.00.
END with counts 1-2, stomp Left forward & hold pose with spread of hands at sides.