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SUPER LOVE ATTRACTION by Mary Frances Chua (8.9.10) September 8, 2010

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Choreographed By: MARY FRANCES CHUA ( 8 SEPT 2010 )

Music: Super Conducter by Beautiful Small Machines

Descriptions: 32 count – 4 wall – Beginner Level Line Dance

32-32-16(RESTART 1)-32-16(RESTART 2)
-32-32-32-16(RESTART 3)-32-32-16

INTRO: 32 counts (12 sec)
S1 Right Hip Bumps, Left Hip Bumps, Right Forward Shuffle, Left Forward Shuffle
1&2 R step back, hip bump R-L-R
3&4 L step back, hip bump L-R-L
5&6 Shuffle forward, R-L-R
7&8 Shuffle forward, L-R-L

S2 Twice Toe-Touch, Step, Touch, Side Together Side Touch
1-2 Weight on left, R toe touch & touch (left hand on hip & right fingers snap twice)
3-4 R ball step, L touch
5-6 L step to left side, R together
7-8 L step to left, R touch beside left

RESTART 1 [6.00] RESTART 2 [9.00] RESTART 3 [6.00]
ENDING – pose with both hands on hips.

S3 Twice Heel Together, Right Turn Semi-Circle Quick Walk
1-2 R heel forward, R together beside left
3-4 L heel forward, L together beside right
5-8 Right turn, walk with small quick steps in semi-circle, R-L-R-L[6]

S4 Twice Point-Touch, ¼ Left Pivot Turn, Twice Point-Touch
1-4 Weight on left, (L toe-point to right side, touch beside left)2X
5-6 Weight on left, ¼ pivot left turn, R toe-point to right side, touch beside left[3]
7-8 R toe-point to right side, touch beside left



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