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3S PICTURES (Line dance) by Mary Frances Chua (10.10.10 ) October 10, 2010

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Choreographed By: MARY FRANCES CHUA (10.10.10 )
Music: Pictures by Sneaky Sound System
Descriptions: 64 count – 4 wall – High Beginner Level Line Dance
Sequence: 64-64-64-64-64-32

INTRO : 32 counts (17 sec )

S1 Double Back Hold, Back Rock, Forward Shuffle
1-4 R step back, hold, L step back, hold
5-6 R rock back, recover on L
7&8 Shuffle forward R-L-R

S2 ¼ Right Turn, Cross Shuffle, Right Weave
1-2 L step fwd ¼ right turn [3], recover on R
3&4 Cross shuffle L, R, L
5-8 Weave on R, L behind R, R together, L over R

S3 Right Chasse. Back Rock. Left Chasse, Back Step-Touch
1&2 Right chasse, R-L-R
3-4 L rock back, recover on R
5&6 Left chasse, L-R-L
7-8 R step back, L touch beside R

S4 Twice Diagonal Shuffle, Forward Shuffle, ¼ L Pivot Turn
1&2 L diagonal shuffle L-R-L
3&4 R diagonal shuffle R-L-R
5&6 Fwd shuffle L-R-L
7-8 R step fwd ¼ pivot left turn [12], recover on L
Dance ends here with right over left and unwind anti-clockwise to face front.

S5 Extended Cross Shuffle, Side Rock, Behind Side Cross
1&2& Cross shuffle R-L-R-L
3&4 R cross over L, L step behind R, R step
5-6 L side rock, recover on R
7&8 L step behind, R together, step L over R

S6 Twice Step-Kick, Right Samba, Left Samba
1-2 R step, L kick diagonally (both hands on hips)
3-4 L step, R kick diagonally (both hands on hips)
5&6 Cross R over L, rock L to left, recover onto R
7&8 Cross L over R, rock R to right, recover onto L

S7 Hip Bumps, Forward Rock, ½ Right Turn Shuffle
1&2 Hip bump R-L-R
3&4 Hip bump L-R-L
5-6 Rock fwd on R, recover on L
7&8 ½ right turn [6] shuffle R-L-R

S8 ¼ Right Turn Step-Point, Step-Point, Jazz Box, Touch
1-2 ¼ right turn [9] L step, R point to side
3-4 R step together, L point to side
5-6 L cross over R, R step back
7-8 L together, R touch beside L

Simple & Fun…Happy Dancing!


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