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ALONG THE JOURNEY (Line Dance – Demo & Tutorial) by Mary Frances Chua @ 12.12.12 December 12, 2012

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Choreographer: MARY FRANCES CHUA ( 12.12.12 )
Music: Along The Journey by GT Lim ( Album: All These Years )
Descriptions: 32 count – 4 wall – Easy Beginner Level Line Dance
Sequence: 32/32/32/20/32/32+4 (short TAG)/32/20/32/32/24

NOTE: Credits & Thanks to GT Lim for the inspiring lyrics and music of “Along The Journey”.
Intro: Omit counting first 16 counts of music. For the next 16 counts of heavy beats, hip sway two rounds of R-R-L-L R-L-R-L.

S1 Double Forward Step, Step, Forward Shuffle
1-2 Small fwd step on R-L
3&4 Small fwd shuffle on R-L-R
5-6 Small fwd step on L-R
7&8 Small fwd shuffle on L-R-L

S2 Quarter Right Turn Shuffle, Left Side Shuffle, Quarter Right Turn Shuffle, Left Coaster Step
1&2 ¼ right turning shuffle on R-L-R [3.00]
3&4 Left side shuffle on L-R-L
5&6 ¼ right turning shuffle on R-L-R [6.00]
7&8 L step back, R together, L step fwd

S3 Quarter Right Turn Jazz Box Cross, Rocking Chair
1 2 R step over L, L step back
3 4 R ¼ right turn step fwd, L cross over R [9.00]
RESTART 1 ( Wall 4 ) RESTART 2 ( Wall 8 )
5 6 Rock fwd on R, recover on L
7 8 Rock back on R , recover on L

S4 Twice Step Touch, Hip Sway
1-4 R step to right side, L touch beside R, L step to left side, R touch beside L
5-8 Hip sway R-L-R-L

TAG: After Wall 6 facing 6.00, add a quick hip sway ( count 1& 2& ) on R-L-R-L

END: After Section 3 of Last Wall, quarter left turn to face 12.00 with R step to side, touch L beside R and pose with weight on right.