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HOLD THE LOVE ( Line Dance – Demo & Tutorial ) by Mary Frances Chua @ 14.5.2014 May 19, 2014

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Choreographed by: MARY FRANCES CHUA ( 14.5.14 )
Descriptions: Count 32 – Wall 4 – Beginner Level Line Dance
Music: Cannot Hold The Love – Loong May Ze

INTRO: 16 count ( approx. 9 sec. )… start dance on music (without vocal)

S1 Forward Step Touch, Back Step Touch, Cross Rocks
1-4 Step R fwd, L touch to left side, Step L back, R touch to right side
5&6 Cross R over L, recover on L, rock back R
7&8 Cross L over R, recover on R, rock back L

S2 Walk, Walk, Double Hip Bumps
1-2 Walk fwd R-L
3&4 Step R to side (weight on R)bump R hip out, in, out
5-6 Walk back L-R
7&8 Step L to side (weight on L) bump L hip out, in, out

S3 Basic Cha Cha
1 2 Rock R step fwd, recover on L
3&4 Back cha cha R-L-R
5 6 Rock L step back, recover on R
7&8 Fwd cha cha L-R-L

S4 Half Left Turn Sway, Quarter Left Turn Sway, Twice Kick Ball Change
1-4 R fwd sway, left ½ turn [6] L sway, R fwd sway, left ¼ turn [3] L sway
5&6 R fwd kick, R ball step, L fwd step
7&8 R fwd kick, R ball step, L fwd step

TAG: End of Wall 8 facing 12.00 – repeat Sections 3 and 4
Restart dance facing 3.00

Right step forward and pose nicely at the end of dance