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PRINCESS PRINCESS @ Mary Frances Chua (March 2019) March 21, 2019

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Choreographer: Mary Frances Chua (Malaysia) March 2019
Descriptions: 32c-4w- Improver Level Line Dance
Music/Artist: Princess Princess / Johnny Tillotson

Intro: 32 counts
S1 2x Side-Touch, ¼ Right Step-Touch, Step-Scuff
1234 Step Rf to right side, Lf touch beside R. Step Lf to left side, Rf touch beside Lf (arm swing R-L)
5678 ¼ R (3:00) on Rf, Lf touch beside R,(arm swing R) Step Lf to left side, Rf scuff

S2 Weave Left, Quick Fwd Heel-BackToe, Fwd Heel-Toe, Hook
1234 Cross Rf over L, Lf step to L side, Rf rock back, Lf recover on L side
5678 Weight on L, fwd R heel touch, back toe touch, fwd heel , hook Rf across Lf

S3 R-L slight jump ball step touch , ¼ Right R-L slight jump ball step touch
1234 Slight ball step jump on Rf with Lf touch, slight ball step jump on Lf with Rf touch
5678 ¼ R (6:00) repeat steps 1-4
(styling with a slight shimmy)

S4 Fwd Right Step-Snap, ½ Left Step-Snap, ¼ Left Hip Bump-Flick
1234 Step Rf fwd & snap, ½ L (12:00) stepping on Lf & snap
5678 ¼ L (9:00) on Rf with hip bump R-L-R & left with Rf back flick

Ending: Wall 10 (9:00) complete S1 & S2 as music fades. Add 4 counts of S3 with a love sign pose.

No tag and no restart!
Happy dancing to this golden oldie!


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