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FREE LUNCH @ Mary Frances Chua (May 2019) May 3, 2019

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Choreographer: Mary Frances Chua (Malaysia) May 2019
Descriptions: 32c-4w-Beginner Level Line Dance
Music/Artist: Free Lunch / Mike Lane

INTRO: 8-ct heavy beats
S1 R & L Side Rock Recover Forward Shuffle
12 3&4 Rock R to side, recover L, fwd shuffle R-L-R
56 7&8 Rock L to side, recover R, fwd shuffle L-R-L

S2 Rocking Chair, semi-circle ½ R Turn 2x Shuffle
1234 Fwd rock on R recover on L, back rock on R recover on L
5&6 7&8 Semi-circle turning right, with slanting hand-spread, shuffle on RLR & LRL (6:00)

S3 RL skate, R side shuffle, ¼ R Turn, LR skate, L side shuffle
12 3&4 Skate R-L, side shuffle R-L-R
56 7&8 ¼ turn right (9:00) skate L-R, side shuffle L-R-L

S4 ¼ R Turn RL Step Flick, ¼ R Turn Jazz Box
1234 ¼ R turn (12:00) R step L flick, L step R flick
5678 Cross R over L, ¼ R turn (3:00) on L, R to side, L fwd

TAG 2 counts clapping twice
End of Wall 2 (facing 6:00), Wall 4 (facing 12:00), Wall 6 (6:00), Wall 8 (12:00)

END After W8, do Section 1 and pose in style!

Credit to Mike Lane’s “FREE LUNCH”. Happy dancing!



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