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I’LL STILL LOVE YOU ( Line Dance – Demo & Tutorial ) by Mary Frances Chua @ 1.11.2013 November 2, 2013

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Choreographed By: MARY FRANCES CHUA @ 1.11.13
Descriptions: 32c – 4w – Ultra Beginner Level Line Dance
Music: ‘I’ll Still Love You’ by Louise Morrissey

Note: ‘I’LL STILL LOVE YOU’ is a beautiful song with meaningful lyrics.
And this simple dance is dedicated to our loved ones.
NO Tag/Restart … Happy Dancing!

Start dance on vocals (approx. 11 sec)

S1 Right Step Shimmy Touch Hold, Left Step Shimmy Touch Hold
1 2-3 4 R step to right side, shimmy ( snap fingers ), L touch beside R, Hold ( clap )
5 6-7 8 L step to left side, shimmy ( snap fingers ), R touch beside L, Hold ( clap )

S2 Back Rumba Box
1 2-3 4 R step to right side, L together, R step back, Hold
5 6-7 8 L step back on left side, R together, L step fwd, Hold

S3 Small Step Lock Step Hold
1 2-3 4 R fwd step, L lock behind, R fwd step, Hold
5 6-7 8 L fwd step, R lock behind, L fwd step, Hold

S4 Slow Quarter Right Turn Jazz Box
1 2-3 4 Cross R over L Hold, recover on L Hold
5 6-7 8 ¼ turn right (3.00) step Hold, L step fwd Hold

END: After 3rd rotation at 3.00 o’clock, ¼ left turn to step back on Right and pose facing front wall with weight on right foot.