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LOVE THE WORLD March 22, 2010

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Choreographed by: Mary Frances Chua ( March 2010 )
Music : We Are The World ( Best Cha Cha Dance Collection )
Descriptions : Phrased / Advanced Beginner Level Line Dance
Sequence : A B / C / Partial A ( Section 1&2 )/ A B / C / A Partial B (Section 1&2)

Start dance after 16-count intro

Part A
S1 Back Rock Recover, Forward Shuffle, Walk (2X), Side Rock Recover
1-2 Rock back on R, recover on L
3&4 Step forward R, step L together, step forward R
5-6 Step forward L, R
7-8 L side rock, recover on R

S2 Forward Rock Recover, Back Shuffle, Sweep(2X), Side Rock Recover
1-2 Rock forward on L, recover on R
3&4 Step back on L, Step R together, Step back on L
5-6 Sweep back R, L
7&8 R side rock, recover on L

S3 Right Kick (2X), Spot Triple Steps, Left Kick (2X), Spot Triple Steps
1-2 R kick forward twice
3&4 Triple step on spot R,L,R
5-6 L kick forward twice
7&8 Triple step on spot L,R,L

S4 Side Chasse (2X), Rocking Chair
1&2 Step R to R side, L together, step R to R side
3&4 Step L to L side, R together, step L to L side
5-6 R forward rock, recover on L
5-8 R back rock, recover on L

Part B
S1 Monterey Turn (2X)
1-2 Touch R to R side, make a ½ turn right stepping R beside L [6.00]
3-4 Touch L to L side, step L together
5-6 Touch R to r side, make a ½ turn right stepping R beside L [12.00]
7-8 Touch L to L side, step L together

S2 ½ Pivot (ac), Forward Shuffle, ½ Pivot (c), Forward Shuffle
1-2 Step R forward, pivot ½ turn L [6.00]
3&4 Shuffle forward R,L,R
5-6 Step L forward, pivot ½ turn R [12.00]
7&8 Shuffle forward L,R,L

S3 (Side Step, Touch, Twice Hip Bump) 2X
1-2 Step R to R side, touch L beside R
3&4 Hip bump R,L,R
5-6 Step L to L side, touch R beside L
7&8 Hip bump L.R,L

S4 Double Rolling Vine R-L
1-4 ¼ turn step R[3.00], ¼ turn step L [6.00], ½ turn step R [12.00], point L to L side (snap fingers)
5-8 ¼ turn step L [9.00]. ¼ turn step R [6.00], ½ turn step L [12.00]. point R to R side (snap fingers)

Part C
Clockwise : Do 4X of the 8 counts
Forward Rock, Recover, ¼ Turn Step, Together, Twice Diagonal Shuffle
1-2 Rock forward on R, recover on L
3-4 ¼ R turn step on R [3.00], L together
5&6 Diagonal shuffle R,L,R
7&8 Diagonal shuffle L,R,L

Ending ( Count 1-2 )
Step Right to right side, touch Left beside right with a pose.

Enjoy the dance!